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Spring Training

Spring training is just around the corner.  I’ve always loved this time of year: winter is getting a bit long in the tooth and spring hopes eternal as pitchers and catchers report to camp and all teams remain in the World Series running.    I was quite a baseball player back in the day at […]

Venture Atlanta 2017 Recap

The always informative and fun networking bonanza known as Venture Atlanta had its annual conference last week at the still relatively new College Football Hall of Fame, where you can watch pitches from our region’s most promising startups while sitting, not kneeling, under the lights on the hash marks of a makeshift football field in […]

Roomba Ruminations

I don’t know about you, but I find Roomba, the vacuuming robot, to be kind of creepy. Knocking around the house, constantly crashing into walls, and then spinning away as if nothing happened, Roomba is like a drunken sailor in hot pursuit of lint and dust.  It doesn’t care how many obstacles you put in […]

Trade Show Dude-ty

Perhaps after nearly 40 years in business, my professional calling has been realized.  While I know that I’m supposed to be on the senior tour by now and do honestly excel at holding the door for people (“finally found a job I’m good at”), it is in the cavernous and artificial confines of exhibition halls […]

A Visit To City Of Refuge

City of Refuge is an oasis of positivity and good work planted in the middle of Vine City, a entangled, poverty stricken neighborhood just west of the new Falcons stadium and the existing Georgia Dome.   On a tour earlier this week, the vision of founder Bruce Deel and his spirited team was in full […]

Chipping Away

I chipped my front tooth playing tennis the other night.  Yup, trying to gallantly hit a reflex volley, your athletic blogger missed the ball completely but connected directly with teeth formerly known as pearly whites, sprinkling tooth fairy dust all over Court 1 at my fancy schmancy country club in the heart of Buckhead. For […]

A BIG Thank You To The Kendeda Fund

For the past two decades, Atlanta has been the quiet beneficiary of an anonymous foundation whose sizable contributions have touched numerous important causes in our city.  The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently broke some news identifying the generous family behind the Kendeda Fund and your blogger felt a big shout out was in order. According to […]

Reposting “Appalachian Trail” in honor of Robert Redford’s new movie, “A Walk in the Woods”

(Blogger’s note: since my viewership is growing so rapidly, I have resorted to reposting, based on current events, some previous work that you and my handful of other loyal readers might have missed. The following was originally published in November, 2012. Enjoy!) Finishing, “A Walk in the Woods”, Bill Bryson’s personal tale of tackling the […]

Fitbit Crazed

For my birthday in late July, my dear family got me a Fitbit. I don’t generally like new things so  the Fitbit remained in its box, packed away, while thousands upon thousands of steps occurred with no credit. Over time, not wanting to seem ungrateful and slightly curious about all the Fitbit fanfare (they did […]

Dog Days Of Summer

I bought my dog a condo last week.  Yes, I know, but it comes on the strong recommendation of his therapist and it is supposed to ease anxiety and create a happy place.  With interest rates starting to tick up and rental housing rates out of this world, I decided it was time for my […]

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