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Dog Days Of Summer

I bought my dog a condo last week.  Yes, I know, but it comes on the strong recommendation of his therapist and it is supposed to ease anxiety and create a happy place.  With interest rates starting to tick up and rental housing rates out of this world, I decided it was time for my precious canine to have a place of his own especially now that he is in his 20’s in dog years and needs some independence.

We furnished his new digs in style.  The plush white carpet is to die for and we mounted an iPad on one of the screen walls complete with WiFi.  No dog worth his salt would be caught without an Over-The-Top video stream platform so we too subscribed to PetFlix.   I warned Gap, my dog, not to binge watch and that two hours of the Lassie Channel was it.

Now that Gap has his own place, I worry things are going to change.  I came over to watch the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, and I know he idolizes American Pharoah.  Being three himself, I told him that not every three-year old gets to eat and roll around in the hay for a living and that life was unfair.

So Gap is out looking for his first job, but he has a temper when around new people so the hospitality industry is out. As he has some German and Shepherd in him, I suggested cars or farming as possibilities.   He said he was thinking about going back to graduate school, just what I needed to hear.

For now, though, the new condo has a dog run, a dog park, a dog hair salon and doggone it, maid service.  Next thing he is going to ask for is an Uber account.


2 Responses to Dog Days Of Summer

  1. anita beaty says:

    I laughed and read it aloud to Jim. You have to do this every single day.

  2. Paul says:

    About Petflix, Gap should check out Wilfred or search for the series, Dogs with Jobs. Of course he should watch Doghouse of Cards. :-)

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